Chronica – new erlang logger framework

By platinumthinker | Published: October 26, 2015


Chronica is a framework for logging messages for Erlang OTP Applications.


  • Pinning log flows to different outputs (file, tty, network)
  • Custom rules (as regexp) and text formatting for output are supported.
  • Possibility to define text formatting separately for each backend
  • Tools for remote connection allows you to set rule and get back log flow filtered by that rule (grablog)
  • Easy migration from lager (
  • Logging functions which are unused because of current verbose level causes no overhead (deleting unused calls for log level on-the-fly)
  • Write on disk in two modes: text and binary
  • Custom backends for output logs
  • Supports unicode
  • Log rotate
  • Colored output to terminal
  • Change log level and rules in runtime
  • Custom tags for easy filtered logs
Chronica availible:
Simple example for usages:


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