Chicago will become the center of know Erlang universe

By brucify | Published: August 25, 2014

For a single day, September 22, Chicago will become the center of know
Erlang universe:

This is a single track conference organized by the Chicago Erlang User
Group and Erlang Solutions that is focusing on “Real World Erlang”.
The talks are very technical and practical:

– Joe Armstrong: Modeling the World with Processes, Objects, Functions
or Relations

– Francesco Cesarini: Thinking in a Concurrent Language

– Steve Vinoski: Optimizing Native Code for Erlang

– Fred Hebert: Keeping a System Running Forever

– Irina Guberman: Maximizing Throughput On Multicore Systems

– Reid Draper: Building Fault Tolerant Teams At Basho

– Brian Troutwine: Monitoring Complex Systems

– Jesse Gumm: Building Web Scale Apps with Nitrogen

– Garrett Smith: Writing Quality Code in Erlang

Zach Kessin will be hosting the Mostly Erlang podcast live at the after party.

Even if you’re not in Chicago, really, this is worth a trip. If you
are in Chicago, you are simple required to go. It’s a requirement.

Seriously, come to this conference.


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