Canillita (Your First Erlang Server) – V2

By elbrujohalcon | Published: January 5, 2016

Let’s start this new year with a big bang!

Do you remember when you learned how to create your first web server with Erlang? Well that’s so 2013! The libraries we used back then had been updated, new libraries had been created; even Erlang itself had been improved… a lot. So, let’s do it again! In this post I will show you how to create a very basic, but yet useful RESTful server using some widely known Erlang libraries. It will not be enough to teach you how to program in Erlang and I won’t dive into the core aspects of the language itself. For that you can always learn you some erlang for great good! ;). On the other hand, if you’re an experienced Erlang programmer and you need a RESTful server with SSE capabilities for your application, you may use this example as a starting point to build your system.

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