Call For Papers – Lamdba Days 2016

By Erlang Central | Published: September 18, 2015

Lambda Days is an event like no other gathering people passionate about functional programming.

The first year was an amazing surprise – an explosion of inspiration and positive energy generated by local communities of tech experts, students, specialists, leaders and innovators. Second edition of our conference exceeded all expectations – with almost 400 attendees, 47 speakers and 7 tracks over two days it was hard to decide which opportunity deserves most attention.

We’ve worked hard, did our homework and hope to keep up the lucky streak.
Third time’s the charm – do you think we can make it the best one ever?

Submit your presentation


Are you interested in presenting your thoughts on the subject of functional programming? Submit your presentation.

As of now we have identified 6 areas our audience would love to hear about:

Functional languages

  • development in Scala, Erlang, Haskell, F#, Clojure and other functional languages
  • functional approach in other programming languages
  • new and non-mainstream languages

Software and system design

  • design patterns
  • refactoring tools and methods

Reactive Programming

  • reactive programming models, concurrency models
  • message driven systems, scalability, responsiveness and failure handling
  • reactive design patterns
  • handling streams of data and events
  • testing and debugging

Web programming

Computation in functional technologies

  • concurrency models
  • design patterns for computation-intensive applications
  • large-scale, parallel computing

Applications and case studies

  • inspiring talks by technology thought leaders
  • large-scale and distributed systems
  • functional technologies on embedded devices

Is your presentation slightly outside that scope? Amaze and inspire us with your submission!

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