By tonini | Published: August 12, 2015


* [Test] Control the output of compilation information inside the test report. (variable `alchemist-test-display-compilation-output`)
* [Test] The hook `alchemist-hooks-test-on-save` should run in the background.
* [Test] The function `alchemist-test-toggle-test-report-display` to toggle dispaying or hidden of the test report buffer.
* [Help] Better documentation lookup for currently selected completion candidates.
* [Refcard] Display all defined keys for a function not just the first defined.
* [Codebase] Fixed all byte-compile warnings.
* [Codebase] Add missing docstrings for all Alchemist-Server library functions/variables.

 Bug fixes

* [Help] Continue with help search although no candidates was found.
* [Test] Correct rendering of stacktrace and failing tests files.
Just expand file with project root if the path file doesnt’t resolve.

*NOTE*: The REFCARD’s has been updated!

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