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An introduction to Erlang & Elixir – Eric Merritt

September 25, 2013 @ 2:00 am

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What this talk is about:

Erlang was the result of the telecom industry trying to tackle issues of scalability and reliability. They set out to solve a problem, and the solution they stumbled upon happened to be a programming language. Today, it powers many of scalable and reliable systems from embedded to the cloud. Elixir, dubbed the love child of Ruby and Erlang came along as an attempt to create a stepping stone for Ruby developers to understand Erlang’s syntax and semantics. It brings the beauty of Ruby to the power of the Erlang Virtual Machine. In his talk, Eric Merritt will give an introduction to both Erlang and Elixir, kicking off the Seattle Erlang and Elixir user group.

Seattle is becoming a major Erlang hub, with start-ups such as OpsCode, Cloudant and Concurix all using Erlang. It is also the city where Erlang Solutions plans on placing its US office as well as being the home town of two of the three authors of Erlang/OTP in action, published by Manning. After Eric’s talk, we will have a discussion on how you would like to shape the group, hear your interest on study circles, talk subjects, code katas, time, location and frequency of the meetups, as well as anything else which comes to your mind.

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Speaker’s bio:

Eric is a veteran engineer, author, entrepreneur and public speaker. He is an expert in the architecture, development and deployment of large-scale distributed systems on heterogeneous hardware, and the languages and platforms required to support them. His experience spans from vertical scaled manufacturing and billing systems on IBM Mainframe and midrange hardware for companies like Sysco, Inc, to distributed build systems and massive fleet deployment tools on large fleets of beige boxes for companies like, and high-frequency trading and financial exchange systems on custom hardware for leading private brokerages.


September 25, 2013
2:00 am


1 1st Ave
1 1st Ave , Seattle, Wa 98101 United States